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A Year Without Chocolate: On Nutella, Sacrifice, and Sacred Contracts

For me, chocolate is a food group.  It is my go-to, feel-good solution to whatever ails me.  I am aware that in this respect I am a commercialized stereotype of a woman, but I own it.  So, you are now forewarned that you should never leave your chocolate unattended around me (while I have started […]

I left my heart in…. (a.k.a. a gypsy love story)

My husband has often accused me of having “grass is greener” syndrome.  I am constantly longing for new locales, broader horizons, bigger things (not material things, goodness knows I can barely manage the stuff I do have).  My usual defense is that I am a romantic prone to nostalgia and sentimentality.  Also, I am highly […]