A Sense of Home

You, you smell like home

Wherever that may be

A mix of cinderblock and salt air

Canyon brush and jasmine

Eucalyptus and redwood

Dogwoods and daffodils

Like snow melting and ground warming

You smell like metal lockers and those awkward teenage moments

When I wished with everything to take back what I just said

Like those moments as a girl when I rescued a bird or a cat

And thought I could save the world

You smell like wild runs down the beach

Wisps of water stinging my eyes

Stories sketched out on paper in the hush of the late afternoon

You smell like the thread that weaves together

The patchwork of my life

4 comments on “A Sense of Home

  1. As a writer, your job ideally is to put your vision into words arranged just so. To have the reader put those words into their head and have them arrange themselves into the exact same picture you had in yours. I think this comes so close to that ideal.

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