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To my little man

Dear Mr. Man, It is your 4th birthday today. Right now you are downstairs with your Papa and grandparents wearing the crown of paper people of all the colors of the rainbow that your friends at school made for you. You also have on the T-Rex button with a blue ribbon that I got for you yesterday […]


Just a few short days after writing my perky cheerleading post, I find myself feeling deflated, like the balloon we got in the hospital when our daughter was born that managed to just barely stay afloat for 8 weeks (it was like the little balloon that could, until it couldn’t). True, I am currently experimenting […]

I am a Dorky Cheerleader at Heart

Against my better judgment and all I have sworn over the past few years, I joined and really started to use Twitter.  Lately, every guest speaker at our writers’ group has discussed the importance of one’s “platform” and that you can’t have a platform without Twitter.  No platform = no agent, no publisher = no […]