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In which I disagree with Sherman Alexie *gasp*

I am a huge fan of Sherman Alexie. HUGE. In fact, I have placed a bounty on the heads of those who borrowed my copies of his books and failed to return them. (You know who you are.) Despite funneling all of my cash to my over-indulged children and student loans, I splurge on hardback […]

Stepping Up My Writing Game

November is right around the corner, which carries with it the promise of a long-yearned-for fall here in Southern California and the craziness of¬†NaNoWriMo¬†(National Novel Writing Month). Two years ago, I dove in to the NaNoWriMo mosh pit and hammered out the bare bones beginning of a novel that has haunted me since. My novel […]

Silver Lining to September – One Lovely Blog

Silver Lining to September – One Lovely Blog

September sucked. Seriously, I have not had a month that bad since April 2011 when I had a miscarriage, my grandfather died, and we found out we owed $8,000 in taxes all in the same week. Last month gifted me a second-story bathtub that leaked through the ceiling twice (thankfully only into the garage) and […]