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Be Daring…

I loved this post and the idea of being daring in one’s writing. (I swear the love has nothing at all to do with the link to my own earlier post.) Sometimes I hold back, thinking, “I can’t do that! That breaks X rule.” Or, “People won’t understand what I’m going for here.” I think I need a “Be Daring” card of my own for my writing space. 🙂


This little card is from Madison Park Greetings. This little card is from Madison Park Greetings.

I didn’t think I had a problem.  I would have denied that I had writer’s block.  I was still working on my novel, mostly.  I just was avoiding writing scenes that I didn’t want to write.  One part of the novel seemed like a chore to develop.  So I did other things, like research and plotting.

Last week, I bought this card that said, “Be Daring.” I love this idea, the opposite of being rigid and fearful.  I didn’t connect it to my writing until I came across this blog post.   The Dharma Diva wrote about writer’s rejection and how she changed a piece to fit a theme.  How it started with a truth that got lost in the writing.  Her whole post is wonderful but that part about forcing the writing into a theme, rang bells in my head.  Why was I…

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