Creative Parenting

Don’t kiss the snakes

Just now I was inappropriately joking with a friend about drunk frat boys kissing rattlesnakes and how my hope as a parent is to raise two children who don’t kiss any rattlesnakes. Then it occurred to me, this is in fact my greatest wish as a parent. I’m not talking literal rattlesnakes, of course (though […]

Because you are a part of this, too – a letter to my son

A while back, I wrote a post to my daughter about our failure as a society to make our women and girls safe in their bodies. A friend wrote to me and asked if I would write one to my son. She wanted to share it with her son and while the gist is the […]

To my little man

Dear Mr. Man, It is your 4th birthday today. Right now you are downstairs with your Papa and grandparents wearing the crown of paper people of all the colors of the rainbow that your friends at school made for you. You also have on the T-Rex button with a blue ribbon that I got for you yesterday […]

Free to be you and me (but please don’t make fun of my kid)

Nothing to get the week kicked off right like gender identity politics, a macho, conservative culture, and an almost-four-year-old boy, right?  Hold on while I have another sip of my cocktail tea. I’ve been doing this parenting thing for a few years now and I still don’t feel like I have a great handle on […]

To swim

Yesterday, my son, who is almost three, leapt into the pool for the first time from the diving board and went head under water.  He swam around with his personal flotation device with a huge smile of pride on his face.  He kicked and put his face in the water repeatedly.  He asked to be […]