Imaginary Dates with Literature’s Finest

My (imaginary) date with Edgar Allan Poe, pt. 1

Up close, Poe was much softer and more feminine that I had been expecting.  He had full lips and large doe eyes.  I was surprised, pleasantly so, as all the pictures I had seen of him made him look at his most benign like Napoleon and at his worst like a drug-crazed, disheveled lunatic coming […]

My (imaginary) date with William Faulkner

This is my first in what will likely be a self-indulgent series of literary boyfriends, and girlfriends. I had mentioned at my last critique group that I could use some mentoring by Hemingway because, in the words of one of my reviewers, “It’s great. But, there’s just too much.” Hemingway would have cut that excess […]