Mindful Memoirs

Learning from my love bird captive

In a mindless moment, I did one of those Facebook quizzes. You know the kind, it purports to “analyze” your profile to tell you something deep about your soul, while leeching personal information. I needed a moment to let something important for work percolate and this quiz did not force me select the least evil […]

Don’t kiss the snakes

Just now I was inappropriately joking with a friend about drunk frat boys kissing rattlesnakes and how my hope as a parent is to raise two children who don’t kiss any rattlesnakes. Then it occurred to me, this is in fact my greatest wish as a parent. I’m not talking literal rattlesnakes, of course (though […]

Do the Hustle

I’m going to go ahead and give everyone a moment to dance that out. (I do love a good impromptu dance party.) I had originally intended to post this on Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t want it to come across as another “I hate Valentine’s Day” rant. Because I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I do, […]

Writers, the carrion eaters

For the past three months, I’ve been seeing a lot of vultures. I see them almost every day, at home, at the farm with my daughter, at the dog park. It happens the same way: a single bird circles and once I take notice, the circle gets tighter and it eventually flies over my head, […]

Bloody Marys and Apple Pie

My grandmother died last month and I still feel unmoored. I know that at my age I am lucky to have any grandparents left (I am now down to my other grandmother), lucky to have had so much time with them. This is a blessing my children won’t have since I waited so long to […]

I am a Dorky Cheerleader at Heart

Against my better judgment and all I have sworn over the past few years, I joined and really started to use Twitter.  Lately, every guest speaker at our writers’ group has discussed the importance of one’s “platform” and that you can’t have a platform without Twitter.  No platform = no agent, no publisher = no […]

Shadows of conversations and the depth of Facebook

For some time now, I have been composing a post all about how Facebook taught me about forgiveness and moving on.  It has, and I will get to that part.  Then, today, a friend pointed out a post of hers that had taken on a life of its own in the comments section.  The original […]